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HR director welcoming female applicant and shaking hands in contemporary office. Tax Strategy

Tax Credits: Employee Retention & Work Opportunity: Wisconsin Restaurant Association Webinar

Topic: Tax Credits: Employee Retention & Work Opportunity Presented by: Andy Johns, CPA at EWH Small Business Accounting & Randy Brinkmann, CPA, Partner at EWH …

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Young business man working with computer laptop at the office screaming proud and celebrating victory and success very excited, cheering emotion Essential Series

A Fundamentally Sound Financial Reporting System

The Importance of a Sound Financial Reporting System Receiving an accurate and timely Financial Statement each month is based on the reliability of the financial …

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Diverse group of professional business men and women in a meeting Essential Series

The Value of Being an S Corporation

The benefit of being an S Corporation is it reduces your Self Employment Tax. The Self Employment Tax is the 15.3% that you as a business owner payoff the profits of your business.

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Tax Credit Tax Strategy

What is a Pass-Through Entity?

A Pass-through Entity such as a Sole Proprietor, Partnership LLC, or S Corporation, file an informational-only return with the Government, and the business itself does not pass taxes. the income flows through to the owner’s personal income tax return and pays tax on it personally.

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Financial data analyzing. Close-up photo of a businessman's hand counting on calculator in office. Selective focus Essential Series

Tools to Lead Your Team to Hit Their Numbers

Success in anything requires skills, tools, and resourcefulness to learn and utilize those skills and tools. Leading yourself and your team to understand what numbers your …

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Essential Series

The Sales Conversation

Having effective sales conversations depends on the overall sales process and your ability to be consistently effective. Whether it’s starting the conversation, generating interest to …

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Planning Tax Strategy

Tax Planning: Section 179 Expense

Tax Planning Section 179 Expense   Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during …

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Financial advisor showing place for signature on paper contract document to client in office setting. Numbers

Setting Sales Goals With Key Performance Indicators

Setting Sales Goals with KPIs A break-even analysis is a necessary part of any solid business plan. This empowers us to know where our sales …

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EWH COGS Diagrams Essential Series

Key Performance Indicators to Increase Profits & Cash Flow

KPIs to Increase Profits & Cash Flow Part 1   Below is an illustration of the ABC Company whose Cost of Goods Sold rose from …

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