Tax Strategy

As a Business Owner, How Do I Pay Myself?

The method by which you get money out of your business depends on the type of entity you are registered as with the IRS. Here, …

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Tax Strategy

7 Tax Strategies Blueprint

When we review a tax return, several factors can be considered to consider potential tax strategies you may be able to utilize and possible strategies …

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Cultivating an Audit Trail for Business Deductions

When tracking deductions for operating a vehicle while on the job, it’s either counted by mileage rate or expenses. Below, we discuss how to record …

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Tax Strategy

Do I Need to Make Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments?

This question often arises for new business owners who either know their business is going to be more profitable this year than last or will …

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Data protection concept. Credit card check and software access data as confidential. Can use for web banner, infographics, hero images. Flat isometric illustration isolated on white background. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Key steps for monitoring your personal credit reports

With our world being more inter-connected with technology and identify theft becoming more prevalent, monitoring your personal information for potential fraud is vital. Below are …

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Leading and Inspiring: 6 Key ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Team Accounting & Bookkeeping

Recommended Reading for Business Owners & Leaders

Business Crash Course: Top 12 – 1 a month for a year Also relisted below by topic   The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses …

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HR director welcoming female applicant and shaking hands in contemporary office. Tax Strategy

Tax Credits: Employee Retention & Work Opportunity: Wisconsin Restaurant Association Webinar

Topic: Tax Credits: Employee Retention & Work Opportunity Presented by: Andy Johns, CPA at EWH Small Business Accounting & Randy Brinkmann, CPA, Partner at EWH …

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Diverse group of professional business men and women in a meeting Essential Series

The Value of Being an S Corporation

The benefit of being an S Corporation is it reduces your Self Employment Tax. The Self Employment Tax is the 15.3% that you as a business owner payoff the profits of your business.

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Tax Credit Tax Strategy

What is a Pass-Through Entity?

A Pass-through Entity such as a Sole Proprietor, Partnership LLC, or S Corporation, file an informational-only return with the Government, and the business itself does not pass taxes. the income flows through to the owner’s personal income tax return and pays tax on it personally.

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Tax Strategy Essential Series

Tax Strategies for Tax Efficiency, Reducing Your Income, and Minimizing Your Taxes

There is a language to taxes, and unfortunately, only accountants have been primarily taught that language. Often a business owner wants to know what they …

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