How to Use KPIs to Increase Profits & Cash Flow Tax Strategy

Help Me Save on Taxes

Help Me Save on Taxes We sat down with a team of professional CPA’s with well over 180  years of combined experience asking them questions ...
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CEO woman leading strategic planning session. Tax Strategy

IRS Red Flags: 7 Tax Tips to Prevent Triggering an Audit for Small Business Owners

Did your business receive a Tax Audit Notification letter in the mail? What should you do and how should you resolve this? Panic is usually ...
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HR director welcoming female applicant and shaking hands in contemporary office. Tax Strategy

Tax Credits: Employee Retention & Work Opportunity: Wisconsin Restaurant Association Webinar

Topic: Tax Credits: Employee Retention & Work Opportunity Presented by: Andy Johns, CPA at EWH Small Business Accounting & Randy Brinkmann, CPA, Partner at EWH ...
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Tax Credit Tax Strategy

What is a Pass-Through Entity?

A Pass-through Entity such as a Sole Proprietor, Partnership LLC, or S Corporation, file an informational-only return with the Government, and the business itself does ...
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Essential Series

5 Factors that Determine Your Tax Position

5 Factors that Determine Your Tax Position   Many different factors determine your tax position or how much tax you owe. Below are the five ...
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Data protection concept. Credit card check and software access data as confidential. Can use for web banner, infographics, hero images. Flat isometric illustration isolated on white background. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Key steps for monitoring your personal credit reports

With our world being more inter-connected with technology and identify theft becoming more prevalent, monitoring your personal information for potential fraud is vital. Below are ...
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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Cultivating an Audit Trail for Business Deductions

When tracking deductions for operating a vehicle while on the job, it’s either counted by mileage rate or expenses. Below, we discuss how to record ...
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Planning Tax Strategy

Tax Planning: Section 179 Expense

Tax Planning Section 179 Expense   Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during ...
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Diverse group of professional business men and women in a meeting Essential Series

The Value of Being an S Corporation

The benefit of being an S Corporation is it reduces your Self Employment Tax. The Self Employment Tax is the 15.3% that you as a ...
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financing Tax Strategy

Do You Pay Taxes When You Take an Income Distribution?

All business owners face an interesting challenge: how to take profits out of the company and pay the least amount of taxes in the process. ...
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