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Have you ever asked yourself why people do what they do? Have you ever wanted to influence someone into bettering themselves in a role? Do you know what their natural strengths are, and how to best identify someone for a role? Do you want to help with their training and performance development? Assessments are a powerful tool to help you understand yourself and your team. These team building tools help create better communication, grow relationships, and form a stronger bond with your team and clients.

At EWH University, we would like to show you how much of an impact an assessment can have at your workplace. Great communication and a better understanding can help your business and employees grow to be the best version of themselves. Our experience working with multiple talent and motivator assessments helps you leverage the unique traits of your people.


 Leadership and Talent Assessment

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Team Assessments & Personality Profiles

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DISC (Behaviors)

DISC reveals how individuals communicate and how to manage and motivate them. Measured by Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance, we identify what team members need and how they respond to environmental factors such as:

Problems & Challenges
Influencing Others
Pace of Environment
Rules & Procedures

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Motivators uncover what drives an individual inside and outside of work. Ultimately, this is what sparks their ambition and drive. By understanding the six motivators, you can leverage them to achieve the results you desire. Motivators include:

Theoretical | Utilitarian
Individualistic | Aesthetic
Social | Tradition

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is just as important as a person’s IQ. This assessment walks you through the 15 factors of emotional intelligence and reviews one’s strengths and weaknesses. It offers insight and strategies to improve your:

Self Perception & Expression
Interpersonal Skills
Decision Making
Stress Management

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Competencies (Skills)

Competencies testing ensures the skills of an individual match the soft skills required in a job. When it comes to performance, soft skills are just as important in the workplace as technical skills. We examine 25 indicators including areas such as:

Negotiation | Critical Thinking
Resiliency | Flexibility
Diplomacy | Problem Solving
Customer Focus | Time Management

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Work Environment

Leveraging the DISC Model, our Work Environment assessment helps you evaluate future candidates, better understand why someone is struggling in their current role, or who the ideal candidate for the position showing fit and suitability for:

Behavioral Job Overview
Response to Problems and Challenges
Ability to Influence Others
Activity Level & Pace
Rule and Regulatory Concerns

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Team Reports

Team Reports display the DISC results of your team as a whole or for two or more individuals. View all of your team’s talents, strengths, weaknesses, and communication skills in one place to help better understand each player, as well as any gaps in talent:

Team Overview
Team Composition
Behavioral Segment Analysis
Group Wheel Plots
Behavioral Characteristics Hierarchy

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Spiral Dynamics

Understanding the seven levels of thinking/values systems gives us insight into how someone interacts and copes with the world. Spiral Dynamics focuses on what makes people do what they do and provides perspective as to why some are more successful in the pursuit of:

Survival | Relationships
Self-esteem | Transformation
Internal Cohesion
Making a Difference | Service

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DISC reveals how individuals communicate and how to manage and motivate them. Measured by Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance, we identify what team members need and how they respond to environmental factors such as:

Problems & Challenges
Influencing Others
Pace of Environment
Rules & Procedures

DISC Variations and Combination Reports

In these popular combination reports, we take the work above on DISC and Motivator reports to a new level. By combining results from two or more assessments, you can understand not only the individual’s approach to work but also their motivation and propensity for the job.

These combo reports provide true insight into an individual and are often used in the hiring process to help predict success and fit before making a critical employment decision.

Explore Different Assessment Approaches With a Free Strategy Session

If you are new to using assessments in hiring or managing your team, or not sure which option is best for your organization, let us guide you through your options as a part of our free Strategy Sessions. We’ll help you understand the tools, their use, and how you can make the most of assessments with your team.

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