Professional Services Training


Professional Services Training

Training for Leaders, Lenders & Accountants

Helping Financial or Business Professionals Succeed

Lenders and accountants

As a lender or CPA, you are a critical part of a small business’ success. However, we oftentimes don’t do a good job translating information to our clients and in turn, may not be able to fully communicate our value.

Whether you want to learn how to generate more leads, access better deals for your financial lending institution, or close more sales for your bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, or tax practice, our lender or CPA classes could be just what you are looking for. Workshops will help you successfully communicate the value you bring to the table.

Learn how to read financial statements and tax returns to better understand your client’s financial position, creditworthiness, and how to become a trusted advisor to the clients you serve by communicating in a language they will understand. Show your clients how committed and knowledgeable you are in their field.

Small Business Keynote Speakers & Training

Training, Speaking & Events for Associations, Companies, Teams and Organizations

Woman entering finances into a calculator.

Essentials & Mastery Series Training

Looking for customized training specific to your business needs, with your team either in house or off-site? Schedule a strategy session with us to see how we can customize design our programs to your business.

A diverse team of creative coworkers in a brainstorming strategy

Custom Designed Retreats & Bootcamps

Hosting an off-site retreat or bootcamp with your team? Schedule a strategy session to discuss the current state of your organization, your goals, challenges, and how we can customize a program to your needs!

Business People Meeting and Working while Business Executive Lead Presenter Speaks to Group

Keynote Speaking & Small Group Events

Our trainers and consultants are known for their ability to engage a crowd. Engage EWH University coaches and trainers for your next large group conference Keynote or let us facilitate smaller groups such as workshops, roundtables, or retreats.

Female businesswoman in an office with a client giving legal advice about taxes or financial loans.

DISC Leadership Certification

DISC  & Motivators are powerful tools for leadership, hiring, recruiting, feedback, team building, and development. This training will teach you these tool in depth A to Z . Understand how to use these powerful tools!

Speaking Engagements

Known in the industry for his humor, fast pace, and ability to connect with a crowd, Joseph Hastreiter has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, financial management, and business, Joseph’s savvy is almost as big as his personality. Delight, entertain, and most importantly motivate your team at your next event or outing.

Building Your Accounting or Banking Book of Business

Training for the Finance-minded

Close-up of business woman hand using a calculator to check company finances and earnings and budget.

Lender Series Training

Our Lender Training Series will teach you the necessary tools to position yourself as their trusted advisor. By better understanding your client’s financial position, financial statements, and tax returns, you’ll have a leg up against other lenders. Additionally, enhance and build your skills to speak, understand, and better communicate the “language of business” with your clients.

Female businesswoman in an office with a client giving legal advice about taxes or financial loans.

CPA Series Training

As a licensed CPA, there are a lot of people that need your help year-round, not just during tax season. This workshop helps you build your strategies for year-round business development and communications. We will help you recognize how to translate the language of accounting to your prospects and clients, expressing the true value you bring as an accounting partner.

Free Strategy Session with Accounting & Banking Experts

As a finance-minded individual, you’ll appreciate the depths we explore in our Strategy Sessions. With decades of accounting and finance experience, our team speaks your language and knows your industry — allowing us to cut to the chase and get to the insights quickly!

Explore More University Programs – Now Offered Online!

As with many education programs, our online offering of courses allows you to explore on your timetable. Manage industry seasonality and IRS deadlines while you expand your knowledge with more than just Continuing Education Credits. Real learning, real solutions, real online convenience.

Small Business Courses in the Milwaukee Area

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