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Our Mission Is Small Business Education

The Passion Behind EWH University

Every small business is at a different stage in their life. While some have been successful for 20 years, others are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and trying to get off the ground.

At EWH University for Small Business, we recognize that few business owners have a formal education on how to run a successful organization. But that shouldn’t stop them! While there is a myriad of resources available, few systems integrate education with ongoing support and implementation. These resources focus on information rather than execution. We’ve built a platform to ready this generation and the next generation of great business leaders and entrepreneurs. Take your business to the next level by gaining clarity on today and receiving direction on where to turn next — all while you plan and execute a vision for the future.

We know that every company deserves the opportunity to be successful, no matter if it’s in its first year or its fifty-first year. Let’s accomplish that together! Our training and coaching programs give you important skills and knowledge to grow and evolve, with guidance, motivation, and support along the way. EWH University for Small Business is not just for one person — it can help business owners, leaders, and all your team members achieve results as a team while you learn and grow together.

Mastering the 8 Skills of Small Business Success

Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and Trainer

About Joseph Hastreiter

Vision is often rooted in the past. Driven by our experiences, our mentors, and our aspirations. EWH University for Small Business was inspired by the drive and initiative that Joseph Hastreiter has to help business owners grow and gain better results for their organizations.

That passion was ignited years ago. As the son of a small business owner himself, Joseph would sit around the dinner table as a child and hear how much his father, Ed, helped organizations grow their businesses. He heard stories of success, as well as the costly mistakes struggling business owners would make and realized there was a need to do more to help business owners get better results.

Fast forward to today,  Joseph has helped over one-thousand business owners achieve the knowledge and tools to run their small business through the EWH University for Small Business.

With certifications in coaching and five different talent assessments, Joseph does whatever it takes to find new ways to help small businesses reach their best potential and get the results they desire and deserve! His energy and insights fill the room of the clients he so passionately serves. He accredits his passion to the books his father gave him at a young age, the experience he gained from being a part of the family business, and the number of clients he has worked with over the years. It’s what has helped him build EWH University to be a single source for critical information, tools, skills, and support that business owners need to achieve success in their businesses.

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