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Don’t settle for second best in your business! Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, EWH University can give your organization the strength it needs to be more successful and equip you for the future. Our system is designed to provide:

  • A hands-on and interactive educational approach to learning
  • Instant access to tools and strategies taught through courses, workshops, and coaching
  • Online, offline, and face-to-face formats to fit your schedule
  • Team building and personal enrichment
  • Supplemental execution and coaching services to bring greater value

Discover where your small business is today and see what you can accomplish tomorrow when you put the right skills, tools, strategies, and resources to work! By building a roadmap together, you’ll learn how to navigate the ups and downs your organization faces. With that plan in place, EWH University workshops will help you develop what you need to achieve a truly profitable, motivated, and successful business!

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Areas of Your Small Business that Need Your Support

People. Numbers. Self.

As you begin to explore our offerings, you’ll see that most of our workshops, assessments, and coaching programs center around three key areas of business – People. Numbers. Self. Master these and you can do anything!

PeopleThe team you surround yourself with is crucial to your small business – whether those people are prospects, customers, clients, or your own employees. Without them, your company wouldn’t function the way it should. Learn tips and strategies for building and leading your team to success and creating long-term profitable client relationships in these courses.

NumbersBudgeting, forecasting, bookkeeping, cash flow, and ongoing financial management are the lifeblood of your business. Understand key financial strategies, avoid the common pitfalls of poor cash management, and gain the confidence to run a more profitable business in any economy!

SelfWho is the last person you take care of? Chances are, it’s yourself. Why did you start this business? What are your personal goals? Through training and coaching, we’ll help you develop greater self-awareness and help you become a stronger leader. Your business is a reflection of you, let us help you love and build what’s reflected in your personal brand each and every day!

Master Confidence in Your Small Business

Mastery Courses for Your Small Business

Confidence is a key factor in the goals and aspirations of your small business. Our mastery courses are designed to equip you with powerful knowledge in issues such as cash flow, strategic planning, budgeting and personal financing, DISC and motivators, sales and culture conversation, personal goals, emotional intelligence, and leadership. Strengthen your confidence in these key areas of business and be ready to conquer these challenges each and every day. Our courses are designed to improve on the strong foundation you already have while setting your direction for the future, giving you the skills and tools to achieve success.

Cash Flow Fundamentals →

This workshop will enable you to understand the difference between a company’s profit and cash position, while also teaching you the process to follow when analyzing the three key financial statements. We’ll take an in-depth look at your income statement, introduce KPI’s, and help you understand the 10 ways to increase sales, profits, and cash flow.
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Leadership Essentials →

Don’t just manage! Lead your company to be successful. You’ll learn about leadership and communication styles needed in your business. We’ll discuss how to recognize your own leadership style, identify other styles, and how to adapt to customers, employees, and prospects to be a more effective leader and communicator. Leading a team can be hard, but this workshop will make you more confident in your personal leadership!
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Sales Essentials →

With three simple topics; asking for the business, handling objections and closing the sale, you will never look at Sales the same again. After this workshop, you will find the joy, passion, and fun of selling with your new-found skills and perspective on the ins and outs of Sales!
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Cash Flow Essentials →

A workshop designed specifically for business owners and managers, we will walk you through how to implement a numbers-based strategy and how to read your financial statements, while learning how to increase your cash flow.
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Team & Hiring Essentials →

Currently with the tight job market, finding qualified talent is getting harder. Having the essential skills to hire, motivate, and communicate is essential for your business. Learn the basic tools and essentials needed to help to create better communication, grow relationships, and form a stronger bond with your team and clients.
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Growth Essentials →

Set and achieve your vision. If you have the entrepreneurial bug to grow, this workshop is for you. We’ll help you find healthy ways to reflect on your past and set goals for your future in this growth-focused workshop!
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Tax Essentials →

Small business taxes and tax brackets are confusing. They change all the time. This class will help provide a big picture understanding of key tax laws and practices and how they impact your organization.
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Succession Planning →

Looking to understand more about succession planning and designing your exit strategy? In this fun, fast-paced session, you’ll learn the essential principles and strategies of succession planning.
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Essentials Bundle →

Whether you are eagerly starting out your business or are looking to learn something new, our Business Essentials Series bundled with Cash Flow Fundamentals is the perfect way to jump-start your results. You’ll walk out of our classes feeling inspired and ready to use your new skills and tools immediately, achieving the goals you set out to hit. You’ll learn about cashflow, leadership, goal setting, sales, taxes, team and hiring and much more!
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