Business Bootcamps & Essentials Series


Business Bootcamps & Essentials Series

Introductory Small Business Courses

Business Essentials Series

Business Essentials

Whether you are eagerly starting out your business or are looking to learn something new, our Business Essentials Series is the perfect way to jump-start your results.

This series is more than just a small taste test of our programs. There’s a lot more to bite into! You’ll leave these courses feeling inspired and ready to use your new skills and tools immediately, achieving the goals you set out to hit. You’ll learn about communication styles, how you can be a more motivating and inspiring leader, and how you can make a more profound impact on your small business.

The Business Essential Series is also perfect for your core management team. Even if you, as an owner, have grasped the essentials, give your team a better understanding of the organization, providing a strong foundation for their continued success. As a result, your organization will become more powerful, working together to achieve what’s possible!

Influence Growth Through Small Business Training & Education

Our Business Essentials Series Courses

Handing cash to person at small business

Cash Flow Bootcamp Parts 1 & 2: Cash Flow    & Sales & Profitability Essentials 

A workshop designed specifically for business owners and managers, we will walk you through how to implement a numbers-based strategy and how to read your financial statements, while learning how to increase your cash flow by setting sales and profitability goa

Close up of business plan document

Cash Flow Bootcamp: Part 3:                      Growth Essentials  

If you have the entrepreneurial bug to grow, this workshop is for you. We’ll help you find healthy ways to reflect on your past and set goals for your future in this growth-focused workshop! It’s time to scale with this motivating workshop from EWH.

Older owner meeting with younger co-workers

Succession Planning

Looking to understand more about succession planning and designing your exit strategy? This fun, fast-paced session will teach you the essential principles and strategies of succession planning.
Close up photo of 1040 form and calculator

Tax Essentials

This session is designed to help the small business owner understand basic concepts relating to taxes, and tax saving strategies available to taxpayers and business owners. We’ll also outline key tax laws and how they impact your organization.
Man on a sales call in front of computer

Business Bootcamp  Part 1: Sales Essentials

We’ll focus on three key topics that will change the way you look at sales forever. After this workshop, you will find the joy, passion, and the true fun of selling with your new-found skills and perspective on the ins and outs of Sales!

Woman writing on dry erase board in office meeting room

Business Bootcamp  Part 2: Leadership Essentials

Learn about leadership and communication styles needed in business. We’ll discuss how to recognize your own leadership style, identify other styles, and how to adapt to customers, employees, and prospects to be a more effective leader and communicator.

Two men shaking hands in office

Business Bootcamp  Part 3: Team & Hiring Essentials

Finding qualified talent is very difficult in the current job market. Learn the basic tools and essentials needed to help create better communication, grow relationships, and form a stronger bond with your team and clients, attracting and retaining the very best!

Bundle and Save!

If you plan to work through the entire series, we offer a package price that includes all 7 Essentials Series courses:

  • Cash Flow Essentials
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Tax Essentials
  • Growth Essentials
  • Succession Planning
  • Sales Essentials
  • Team & Hiring Essentials

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