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Welcome to EWH University for Small Business

Don’t settle for second best in your business! Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, EWH University can give your organization the strength it needs to be more successful and equip you for the future. Our system is designed to provide:

  • A hands-on and interactive educational approach to learning
  • Instant access to tools and strategies taught through small business courses and coaching
  • Online, offline, and face-to-face formats to fit your schedule
  • Team building and personal enrichment
  • Supplemental execution and coaching services to bring greater value

Discover where your small business is today and see what you can accomplish tomorrow when you put the right skills, tools, strategies, and resources to work! By building a roadmap together, you’ll learn how to navigate the ups and downs your organization faces. With that plan in place, EWH University small business courses will help you build what you need to achieve a truly profitable, motivated, and successful business!

Our Three Critical Focus Areas

As you begin to explore our offerings, you’ll see that most of our small business courses, assessments, and coaching programs center around three key areas of business. Master these and you can do anything!

Popular Small Business Courses & Trainings

Practical Solutions in a Variety of Formats

Business Essentials Series

Business Essentials Series

Enter scared. Leave prepared. The Business Essentials Series helps the less experienced gain the baseline tools and knowledge they need to lay a successful foundation. In this series, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • Basics of cash flow
  • Leadership training
  • Understanding tax essentials
  • Preparing for growth
  • Team tools and development
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Small Business Mastery Series

Managing a small business can be overwhelming. Our Mastery Program takes your knowledge further, helping you regain control or continue improving key areas that a growth-oriented organization faces:
  • Advanced cash flow management
  • Strategic planning & budgeting
  • Personal finance
  • Sales & culture development
  • Personal development plans
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Business Coaching

This system works best when learning is supported by ongoing action. As your coach, we can help you carry out your plans and overcome obstacles that might get in your way, while providing much-needed:

  • Insight into processes, strategies, and opportunities
  • Accountability to take action and sustain momentum
  • Advice for challenging situations
  • Ideas to break free from day-to-day thinking
  • Guidance through Personal Development
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Team Building Tools

Empathy. It can make or break a team. By understanding more about each other, we can form stronger teams, set people up to win in their roles, leverage motivators, and do better work. Help implement better communication, customer service, sales, and hiring practices through:
  • DISC | Motivators
  • Competencies | Team Reports
  • Work Environment | Spiral Dynamics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Group training and speaking

Professional Services Training

Knowing the language of business is one thing and translating it with clients is another. Our training focuses on helping finance brains better communicate with non-finance brains. Better engage clients and prospects and bring greater value to your work through:
  • Lender and banking professional training
  • CPA and bookkeeper training
  • Team or individual training sessions
  • Retreats & bootcamp
  • Keynote speaking & events

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EWH University coaches and consultants help tailor solutions based on your unique situation. Strategy Sessions help us all think out of the box while uncovering insights and motivators that truly support growth and change. Let’s explore the opportunities together!

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