Ensuring a Solid Reporting System

In a previous article, we discussed creating a fundamentally sound reporting system. In this article, we’ll expand on that by focusing on having a proper vehicle for your reporting system so information can flow to your accountant seamlessly and in a timely manner. Let’s explore a few methods for reporting information to us:

1. A Customized Cash Flow Reporting Checklist

This will consist of any bank statements, credit card statements, sales reports, sales tax reports, loan statements, and any other key documents deemed necessary. If we process your payroll, employee hours and information can safely be reported through our online client portal, making reporting easy and accurate. 

2. Portal and/or Pre-addressed Postage Paid Envelopes

You have a centralized and easy way to submit financial information to your accountant, ideally by the fifth of the month. Unless some statements come to you later and you cannot move up the date you receive those monthly statements. You can either utilize the postage-paid envelopes given to you or log into a secure client portal and upload your material, and your accounting team will have what they need to complete a timely and accurate monthly financial statement.

3. Year-End Tax Organizer

This is your reporting checklist for year-end tax documents that cover wages, medical expenses, rental property information, home mortgage interest, and all other related expenses. To access a tax organizer click here. You will visit this accounting firm ‘s online tax center, with a PDF tax organizer available to you. You will also find a record retention guide to keeping documents for audit and tax purposes.  

In our Tax Essentials online course, you will learn how to implement a tax strategy that minimizes your taxes and maximizes your tax efficiency! If you want to learn more about our online tax essentials course, click here. To register for one of our upcoming events, click here.  

Additionally access your first online course free on us! Operational Cash Flow Systems will walk you through this and more! Click here and use coupon code ROCKNROLL to access it today! The course also includes a monthly cash flow reporting checklist.

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