Essential Series

6 Essentials to Bank Financing

Recently while talking business with a banker, we discussed three items that could help people looking for help presenting their financial information to the bank. ...
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Essential Series

Managing Inflation as a Small Business: Event Resources

  Resources From Today: Workshop Handout click here HANDOUT Article: How bad is inflation click here Recession History In Years and Duration click here Warren ...
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Essential Series

5 Factors that Determine Your Tax Position

5 Factors that Determine Your Tax Position   Many different factors determine your tax position or how much tax you owe. Below are the five ...
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Essential Series

The Sales Conversation

Having effective sales conversations depends on the overall sales process and your ability to be consistently effective. Whether it’s starting the conversation, generating interest to ...
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Startup businessman working analysis business information at office with laptop and documents on his desk. Essential Series

A Business Planning Guide: Six Essential Factors

Very few new small businesses put together a business plan before they open, but they should. Most small business fail in the first few years ...
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Bank savings deposit and cash flow management mobile software app. Essential Series

Ten Secrets to Achieving Results in Your Small Business

Small business owner and CPA, Edward Hastreiter, sense 1979 has spent more than 34 years consulting with small business owners on how to make their ...
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Signing a Contract Customer Service

Customer Service Conversations

Successful service conversations are driven by your ability to consistently resolve or fulfill the customer’s needs and deliver a great experience along the way. Having ...
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financing Essential Series

Keeping Score: Cash vs. Profit

Keeping Score: Cash vs. Profit One of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in business is, “Why is my profit position different than my cash position?” ...
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Essential Series

How to Use KPIs to Increase Profits & Cash Flow

How to Use KPIs to Increase Profits & Cash Flow   When it comes to understanding your numbers, one of the questions that inevitably comes ...
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Canon calculator on a yellow background Essential Series

Finally Understanding Your Numbers

Finally Understanding Your Numbers   Business owners always ask us what they need to know when they look at their financial statements. What does this ...
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