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Cash Flow Fundamentals

This 10-day online course is designed to enable you to understand the difference between your company’s profit and cash position, while also teaching you the processes to follow when analyzing financial statements. Cash Flow Fundamentals will take you step-by-step through an in-depth look at your Financial Statements, introduce KPI’s, and help you understand the 10 ways to increase sales, profits, and cash flow.

  • Day 1 – Implementing a Numbers Based Strategy
  • Day 2 – Reading and Understanding Your Scorecards
  • Day 3 – Mapping the Numbers; Reading Your Scorecards
  • Day 4 – Understanding and Managing Cash Flow
  • Day 5 – Break-even and Establishing Your Target For Profitability!
  • Day 6 – An Introduction to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Day 7 – Key Performance Indicators Along the Cash Flow Track
  • Day 8 – What If and 10 Levers to Increase Sales, Profits, and Cashflow!
  • Day 9 – Budgeting to Increase Sales, Profits, and Cashflow!
  • Day 10  Celebrate!

Course Materials

For the Cash Flow Fundamentals course, we recommend that you download the following course materials, all of which will be referenced during course lessons.

  • Cash Flow Fundamentals Handbook
  • Cash Flow Fundamentals Exercise Sheets
    • Sheet A
    • Sheet B
    • Sheet C
    • Sheet D
    • Sheet E
  • My Sample Financial Statement for Quizzes 4, 5, 8

In this training session, we’ll take a deep dive into KPIs and discuss some of the most important KPIs along with the Cash Flow Track. We’ll utilize a KPI worksheet to understand some of these key relationships and trends. Then, we’ll wrap up Cash Flow Fundamentals with “10 Levers to Increase Sales, Profits, and Cashflow” to improve results. Being able to read and understand our financial statements allows us to understand which of these 10 Levers we need to pull to increase sales, profits, or cash flow, empowering us to turn more of our financial decisions into positive results!

Then, as we incorporate the “What If” scenario into our learning, we’ll crunch a few numbers and see by pulling these levers how small shifts can make a big difference in Sales, Profits, and Cash Flow.

Get ready to understand the roadmap to achieving your desired bottom-line results!

Comprised of lessons, quizzes, and videos for you to complete, our course is designed to give you the confidence to make sound financial decisions in your business by understanding what your numbers are telling you and which decisions and actions will lead you to better financial results. Cash Flow Fundamentals will help you better understand the story of your profits, cash flow, and financial position and how to get the financial results you are looking for in your small business.


*Course access available for 30 days after purchase


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