Close up Business woman using calculator and laptop for do math Numbers

Picking the Right Accounting Firm: Establish a 5 Star Alliance Team for Business Advice and Financial Decisions

Running a small business can be challenging, and for this very reason you as a small business owner must have a team of advisors to …

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Business people present. Numbers

The ABC’s of Reading Your Financial Statements

Do you know how to understand your numbers in a meaningful way? Do you understand the terminology? Do you know your break-even point and is …

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Finally Understanding Your Numbers: Financial and Accounting Tools to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

Business owners always ask us what they need to know when they look at their financial statements. What does this piece of paper tell me? …

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Calculator Numbers

Accounting and Financial Advice to Help Grow your Small Business

Accounting and Financial Advice to Help Grow your Small Business Many skilled people go into business because they are a great plumber, gifted lawyer, or …

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Close-up of business woman hand using a calculator to check company finances and earnings and budget. Numbers

Tips on How to Develop a Budget for Your Small Business

Tips on How to Develop a Budget for Your Small Business Small businesses have a high mortality rate. One way of reducing the chance for …

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Startup businessman working analysis business information at office with laptop and documents on his desk. Essential Series

A Business Planning Guide: Six Essential Factors

Very few new small businesses put together a business plan before they open, but they should. Most small business fail in the first few years …

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Handing cash to person at small business Executive Summaries

Why Small Businesses Fail: 6 Financial and Accounting Traps that Small Business Owners Fall Into

Businesses start and fail at a staggering rate. Every year over a million people start a business of some sort and by the end of …

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Planning Essential Series

5 Critical Accounting Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Managing the Financial and Accounting Area of Their Business

When it comes to managing a business your accounting is critical. Most mistakes that are made when it comes to the accounting aspect of any …

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