EWH COGS Diagrams

KPIs to Increase Profits & Cash Flow

Part 1


Below is an illustration of the ABC Company whose Cost of Goods Sold rose from $6 a unit to $8 a unit as it expanded its production from 1 Unit to 2 Units. A 33% increase (2/6) took its COGS from 60% of sales to 80%.


KPIs Sell 1 Unit at 60% COGS KPIs Sell 2 Unit at 80% COGS


This jump from 60% to 80% is a difference of 20%, costing this company $4 , Sales * 20% ($20 * 20% )

So, instead of this company having a profit of $4, if it had kept it’s COGS at 60%, it was still breaking even with double the sales.

If the company had held its COGS to 60% as it produced more units instead of increasing it to 80%, it would have had a profit of $4.


KPIs Sell 2 Unit at 60% COGS

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