Understanding and Developing our Potential and Strengths


When it comes to running your small business successfully, understanding how to successfully manage your people is key! In this workshop, Understanding and Developing our Potential and Strengths, you will learn about the 4 different leadership and communication styles. Understanding these styles will empower you to better understand yourself, others, and how to enhance your communication and leadership to lead your team to success!

  • The universal language of the DISC Model
  • Understand a person’s natural communication and leadership style, and how it impacts your communication and theirs
  • The importance of understanding individual strengths and potential limitations
  • Recognizing the motivational drives and fears in yourself and others
  • Learn how to “read” others’ communication styles and adapt your communication style
  • Learn how to “read” others’ buying styles and adapt your selling style to increase sales
  • Potential stressors for you and ways to recharge your batteries
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