Financing Essentials

Financing Essentials


In this session, Financing Essentials, we will cover the basics of receiving financing from a bank and how the Balance Sheet and Income Statement play a role in their decision to extend credit to a borrower. They look at these statements differently than say you, the IRS, or your accountant. You will learn the big picture drivers the bank is looking for and how the underlining details on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement help them finalize whether you will receive the credit. With this session, you will understand why financial statements are key to accessing the sustainability of the business’s profit and cash flow, which is the primary question the bank is accessing when reviewing your financial and tax information.

• Learn what a bank looks for when obtaining financing

• Implementing a system to receive solid financial information the bank will desire

• Know the key performance indicators (KPI’s) a bank looks at

• Understand and utilize your financial statements

• The difference between cash and profit

• How your business and personal finances are connected

• Maintain a proper audit trail, with checks and balances and proper recordkeeping

• Ideas on how to run your small business more profitably and successfully

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