People & Self Skills Bundle


People: The team you surround yourself with is crucial to your small business – whether those people are prospects, customers, clients, or your own employees. Without them, your company wouldn’t function the way it should. Learn tips and strategies for building and leading your team to success, as well as creating long-term profitable client relationships through these workshops.

Self Skills: Who is the last person you take care of? Chances are, it’s yourself. Why did you start this business? What are your personal goals? Through training and coaching, we’ll help you build greater self-awareness and help you become a stronger leader. Your business is a reflection of you, let us help you love and build what’s reflected in your personal brand each and every day!


Courses Included in this Bundle:

  • Understanding and Developing Our Potential and Strengths
  • Generational Diversity in the Workplace
  • Self Mastery – Emotional Intelligence
  • Hiring and Benchmarking
  • Evaluating Your Thinking Under Stress
  • Aligning Potential with Passion
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